Wholesale Hair Vendor Amazing Tips To Choose A Reliable One

28 / 09 / 2017

Are you ready to start a hair business but unsure of where to get a trustworthy wholesale hair vendor? To help you choose the best hair vendor for your hair business, this post was written to provide you a complete grasp of the information and murky areas of this industry

1. Opportunities of the wholesale hair vendor and hair product market

One of the markets with the most promise for the now and the future is the market for hair extensions or wholesale hair vendors. In reality, although providing wholesale hair vendors in a number of prospective and popular places like Africa, you can earn double or triple your initial investment. It will be five to ten times greater if the United States, the United Kingdom, or Russia are your target markets.

2. The top 3 markets for wholesale hair vendor supplies

The three biggest markets for wholesale hair vendors in the world now are Southeast Asian nations, China, and India

2.1. Wholesale hair vendor in Southeast Asian countries

Compared to other nations like China, Southeast Asian nations develop their hair extensions industries later. However, the standard of these wholesale vendors is highly regarded. Wholesale hair vendors here typically supply human hair wholesale. About origin, 100% of Southeast Asian women’s hair is collected. Therefore, it is primarily strong, smooth, and straight black. Hair products in these wholesale hair vendors are mostly made by hand so the price is quite reasonable.

2.2. Wholesale hair vendor in China

One of the leaders in the hair extension market is China. These wholesale hair vendors collect raw hair from many sources. Thus, the hair’s quality is inconsistent and unstable. Applying technology in production, prices in Chinese wholesale hair vendors are affordable.

2.3. Wholesale hair vendor in India

India’s wholesale hair vendors profit from the country’s plentiful indigenous raw hair source. Their hair products are taken from dry, coarse, and naturally curly Indian hair. Hair must frequently be shipped to China for processing due to the old and subpar technology in these wholesale hair vendors. The prices are very cheap.

3. Advice for preventing wholesale hair vendor scams

Some useful tips above will help you avoid being scammed when buying from wholesale hair vendor
Ask to see the factory when you call the video
Ask questions about hair-related issues to decide whether wholesale hair vendors have deeply knowledge about hair or not
Verify the wholesale hair vendor’s building.
Be cautious if the wholesaler requests payment immediately or in an unusual manner
Being a smart customer will help you make use of the advantage from wholesale hair vendors.

4. Top 3 recommended wholesale hair vendors global

There are a few recommended wholesale hair suppliers from around the world who are renowned for offering top-quality hair at competitive prices

4.1. Indian wholesale hair vendor Shanmuga

Some aspect about Shanmuga wholesale hair vendor you should know
Experiences: With 15 years in hair market, Shanmuga is regarded as reliable by both domestic and foreign companies
Featured products: Human hair wig because of its diversity and simply to wash
Despite Shanmuga’s continued dedication to quality, many concerns are expressed about hair which is overly thin, delicate, and tangling.

4.2.Chinese wholesale hair vendor: Ted hair

Some aspect about Ted hair wholesale hair vendor you should know
Experiences: 14 years in the hair market, the position of Ted Hair in the national and international market has been confirmed.
Featured products: Remy hair: offer bulk hair bundles ranging in size from 8″ to 40″.
Ted Hair has a positive reputation, although customers regularly complain about the quality of hair products.

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4.3. Vietnamese wholesale hair vendor: 5S Hair

Some aspect about Shanmuga wholesale hair vendor you should know
Experiences: With eight years of experience, 5S Hair has created a superior production method to provide customers with better, more inexpensive hair
Featured products: Bone straight hair
Because of its excellent quality and reasonable costs, 5S Hair is the top wholesale hair vendor for anyone wishing to start their own hair business.