Vietnamese Hair Vs Indian Hair Who Beats

29 / 09 / 2017

Are you prepared to launch a hair business but confused which type of hair-Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair-is better? This article was created to give you a thorough analysis of two hair sources so you may select the finest hair supply for your hair business

1.Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair: The source of hair

1.1 Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair: The source of Vietnamese hair

When comparing Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair, there are 2 types of Vietnamese hair: virgin and remy. Vietnamese hair can be bought straight from women, the majority of them are from the highlands cultural minority. Therefore, it has many advantages, such as being supple, smooth, soft, and easy to style.Virgin hair is isolated from other people’s hair and isn’t mixed with it or any other germs.Vietnamese virgin hair has outstanding properties, and remy hair can be taken from many different people.

1.2. Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair: The source of Indian hair

Temple hair and hairballs are the 2 main types of hair in this country. Thus, Indian hair frequently exhibits traits such as being harsh, thick, tough, and challenging to style. Even though the source of Indian hair is not as attractive as that of Vietnam, it is still a frequent market for many people.

2. Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair: Production Capacity

Let’s learn more about the production capacity of Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair factories

2.1. Capacity of Vietnamese hair companies

Wholesale hair vendors in Vietnam concentrate their efforts on producing in controllable quantities since it enables them to better track and control hair products

  • Labor: Vietnam’s hair producers produce consistently increased hair because to their skilled workforce, affordable labor expenses, and efficient operations
  • Technology: because of the majority of Vietnamese factories processing by hand, the performance is uniform
  • 1 Vietnamese facility in Vietnam can supply, on approximately, 1 ton of hair monthly

    Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair Who beats

That is all about Vietnamese hair manufacturer scale when comparing Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair.

2.2. Capacity of Indian hair companies

Because the country’s generally still antiquated industrial machinery and the hair industry for example, in addition to the low quality of the material, which necessitates lengthy processing, India’s production output of hair is quite low.

  • India’s large population and cheap, low skilled workers provide advantages in the labor market.
  • Technology: The most are manually processed and unskilled labor
  • 1 Indian facility can supply, on approximately, 1-2 ton of hair monthly.

That is all about Indian hair manufacturer scale when comparing Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair

3. Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair: The cost

Indian hair is cheaper than Vietnamese hair for some reasons:
Considering that for the identical types of hair, Vietnamese hair is far better value than Indian hair
Vietnam’s wage costs are twice as inexpensive as those in India.
When comparing the costs of Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair, India prevailed.

Source: V hair vendor