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Forgot Your Anniversary Today? Four Last-Minute Presents You Can Buy for Your Wife 

Are you that type of person who always forgets special events in your life ranging from your birthday, your peers’ birthdays, and even your wedding anniversary? Not because these events are insignificant to you, but it’s just that you are usually preoccupied with work that the thought of your 10th wedding anniversary just got absorbed by a black hole in your head. Whatever the case is, you have to get your wife a present immediately or else she might kick you out of the house and file for a divorce. To help you out, listed here are the top five last-minute presents you can buy after realising it is your wedding anniversary today.


Bracelets do not need the exact size of the wrist, unlike a ring for a finger. Most bracelets are also ready-made so you can choose from different designs in a boutique’s catalogue. However, if you want the bracelet to appear more special, you can buy handmade bracelets like Claudia Bradby’s bracelets that their expert jewellers handcraft out of beautiful pearls and silver. They also come at a reasonable price and can be delivered directly to your home.


Bouquets are possibly the most classic gift anyone can give to their loved one. They have become customary as anniversary presents to wives unless your wife has allergies to flowers. Since florists are almost everywhere, you can stopat a nearby one, and have the bouquet customised in less than ten minutes. Florists can even help you out in picking the flowers just in case you do not know anything about flowers.


If your wife loves food, you can get her a delicious cake from a bakery near you. Bakers typically prepare cakes hours prior to selling, so you can surely grab one from their refrigerator with customised designs done in at most four hours. You can even add meaningful messages on top of the cake to add a little personal touch to it. Some bakeries also allow digitized printing on the cake so you can try to put your wedding photo on the cake as well.

Luxury bags

Most wives love fashion; thus, it is not surprising that you can also buy them luxury bags at the last minute. Varying from handbags, sling bags, shoulder bags to backpacking bags, luxury bags help women look fashionable and feel good with their pleasing outfits all the while helping them out carrying their makeup and other necessities, making bags a must-have present for wives.

Given this list, you can most likely get out of trouble this time around, but that does not mean that you can get a free pass for forgetting your wedding anniversary. Similarly, you cannot also forget the particular events of your friends as they may feel insignificant to you. However, if you can’t help having a bad memory, you can always keep a gift in your bag just in case some event comes up and surprises you.

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